About Take Back Work

Good leaders want to create workplace cultures where people thrive, but often lack the time or experience to either set a new culture or transform an existing one.

Does this sound familiar?

It’s not enough to repeat pithy phrases like “culture eats strategy for breakfast.” Real culture change involves hard work, tough choices, and a commitment to new habits at all levels – and with benefits like increased productivity, innovation, employee engagement, and retainment, it’s worth it. But how do you get started and make the biggest impact possible?

That’s where Take Back Work comes in. We’re a workplace culture consultancy of professionals who eat, sleep, and breathe this stuff. We’re no stranger to what it takes because we’ve done it ourselves. We integrate social science and organizational behavior research into our methods, and customize our approach based on each client’s goals, situation, and budget. From offsites to facilitated workshops, team coaching to speaking engagements, we’ve got you covered.

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